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Affiliate Grand Slam 3.0 Lands in Hong Kong

Find your ideal Asian partners at AGS Hong Kong The Affiliate Grand Slam has established itself as a key networking event on the iGaming calendar – and the event is now heading East. Brought to you by the same team behind SiGMA, Affiliate Grand Slam 3.0 is going to Hong Kong for its first foray […]

Affiliate Grand Slam: Most Valuable Affiliate Marketing Conference 2018

2018 is just getting started, but affiliates already have a lot of dates marked on their calendar. The year has started off with the Affiliate Summit West in January and will be followed by a series of other events including the Affiliate Grand Slam, taking place in May. Affiliate Grand Slam (AGS) has been recently […]

Interview with Juan Carlos Muñoz, SEO Manager at Epicorns

“Have a lot of patience and work hard. Nothing magically arrives from day to day.” SiGMA meets Juan Carlos Muñoz from Epicorns. How did you come to enter the online gaming space and your current workplace? A year ago, this world was totally unknown to me, I knew basically what everyone knows, a few games, […]

Meet Mathias Olsson, Owner of oddsonline.se and freespins365.co.uk

“Have focus and be patient. Nowadays, it will take time to get the rankings. Build something that you can be proud of and don’t lose faith too fast.” We interviewed Mathias Olsson, Owner of oddsonline.se and freespins365.co.uk. Hello Mathias, how are you? Hi Marius! I’m just fine. Summer has arrived here in Sweden making the weather […]

Meet Bruno Berlafa, Head of Affiliates at GiG Affiliates

“Be connected. Good relationships are essential for your success.” We met Bruno Berlafa, Head of Affiliates at GiG Affiliates. Hello Bruno, hope you are well in this festive season? Hi Marius. All well man, more hectic than ever, but only good things on the current and future agenda. I hope life is treating you well also! […]

Interview with Matan Waysler from The Big Free Chip List

“Cooperate with your fellow affiliates. We can all learn a lot if we share the info between us. Work together and not against each other.” We met Matan Waysler, the owner of The Big Free Chip List. Hello Matan, how are you? Hi Marius, I am great, thank you for asking. How did you come to […]

Meet Alex Szilaghi, Owner of JugglerDesign.com

“Be 100% sure which countries you target, prepare for mobile and new technologies and select carefully the brands you want to promote.” Meet Alex Szilaghi, Owner of JugglerDesign.com. Hello Alex, hope you are well in this festive season? Hi Marius. Yes, I do feel great. Thank you for asking. How did you come to enter […]

Interview with Tero Lipponen from BigWinPictures.com

“Nothing in the affiliate world happens overnight, so I also recommend working patiently from day to day without resorting to black hat techniques and other questionable methods and your perseverance will eventually be rewarded.” We met Tero Lipponen, the Owner of BigWinPictures.com. Hello Tero, how are you?  Hi Marius, thanks for asking, everything’s great and it’s […]

Meet Roman Doroshenko, Owner of SlotsUp.com

“Do more networking – that’s how you will get more info about the niche. Work hard and be patient, all truly great results need time (like a good wine).” We met Roman Doroshenko, Owner of SlotsUp.com. Hello Roman, hope you are well in this festive season?   Hello Marius, I’m really good, thanks for asking. […]