Meet twitch affiliate Mr Casino

They call him Mr.Casino. Twitch Highroller and affiliate.


Who is Mr.Casino and how did you start streaming?

My name is Joel and I am currently living on the beautiful island of Malta. I work as a construction manager and have most recently fallen into the wonderful world of affiliation through my Twitch Channel. Twitch is a huge plattform on the internet where people live stream directly through their computers. Over a 100 million people watch streams on Twitch every month and it is growing every day. Most people play video games when they stream but I discovered that some were streaming when they gamble online. I have been a fan of gambling my entire life and being able to share the excitement with others through Twitch seemed to good to be true. I quickly fell in love with the idea of having an audience while gambling and after a while of watching the others I started my very own casino stream. I am now one of the biggest casino streamers on Twitch and come by the name Mr Casino, hence my username on Twitch; Casino.


Tell us a little bit about how it works.

I stream when I gamble on online casinos about 6 hours a day while using a face cam and a microphone at least five days a week. Everything is live and I have a chat  in the stream where the viewers can communicate with me. They ask questions about me, the casino and general stuff about gambling. I like to try out different casinos and I always contact the people behind the specific casino that I play on to ask if I can do giveaways in the stream. Two times a day I raffle out free spins to create more value in the stream and because I want to give something back to the viewers. From the casinos point of view this is basically a 6 hour live-commersial of their product so most of the time they are more than happy to provide me with free spins to hand out to my viewers.



What do you like about streaming and why does pepple like to watch you?

I must say that it is because of the interaction that I have with my viewers. Some of them have been with me from the start, keeping me company and supporting me in good and in bad. The thing I love the most is when I get a really big win. You should see the chat when I get a huge hit, everyone goes crazy! To be able to share such moments with other people from all over the world is truly amazing. I have grown very fond of my viewers these past couple of months and consider them my friends. Some of them have even invited me to their homes. I have also told them that they are always welcome to come visit me in Malta. I am amazed and very grateful by the positive feedback and love that I have received from my viewers.


Playing slots for 6 hours a day, that must be expensive?

When I started streaming about 4 months ago I had a gambling budget of €12000 to spare for this project. My plan was to stream for a while during my vacation but I actually made €7000 in profit the first week. The next week I won a decent amount aswell and it just kept on going! Overall it has been very profitable for me even though I have always had the odds against me. I must admit that some weeks has been really bad and I have lost large amounts of money but it has always turned around. The biggest win that I have had in my life is €6812 and it was on a bonus game in the game Montezuma and that actually happened live on Twitch.



Was twitch your first encounter with the affiliate scene?

Yes it was and I actually got the idea from one of my viewers during the stream. A lot of people were asking about the casino I was playing on and wanted to play themselves. That certain viewer that is now a good friend of mine told me about affiliation and said that I should definitely get an affiliate link for the stream. I contacted the casino and they explained everything to me and I signed up to their affiliate program. Apparently anyone can be an affiliate and it was surprisingly simple to start.

Now when I know more about affiliation I have plans to take it to the next level and improve the stream as much as I can. Perhaps in the future I might be able to stream when I gamble full time and have it as my main source of income. I have been working with construction my entire life and to be able to make money on what I actually enjoy doing is like a dream come true.